Why Choose Our Bat House?

  • Quality Materials
  • Innovative Design & Construction
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty
  • NO Maintenance
  • All-Natural & Environmentally Friendly

The all-natural defense
against mosquitoes

Our Products

Canadian Bat Houses, Inc. manufactures three models of bat houses.

Our multi-chamber bat houses have achieved “BAT APPROVED” certification from Bat Conservation International – the world leader in bats and bat house research.

We offer free shipping within Canada.

All of our bat houses are manufactured to be of the highest quality, including:

  • Glued seams to prevent warping and separation
  • Screws for strong, long-lasting construction
  • Sealed rubber membrane exterior to trap the sun’s rays and provide a durable waterproof sheathing
  • 3/4 inch plywood for superior insulation
  • Cedar shingles for an attractive finish and additional protection from the elements
  • 1/8 inch machined grooved interior for ideal roosting conditions
  • Built by professional, certified tradesmen

Installation hardware is included with each bat house. All you need is a hammer and screwdriver or drill, there are no extra pieces to purchase.

Installation Manual

Download our Easy Installation Manual for detailed directions on our 4-step installation.

Information on our 20-Year Warranty

The Nursery

Pest control for backyards and patios of any size, as well as larger applications like farms, camps and lodges.

  • Capacity: 300 Bats
  • Chambers: 2
  • Size: 18.5″ x 41″ x 3.5″
    (47cm x 104.1cm x 8.9cm)
  • Weight: 23 lbs
    (10.4 kg)
  • Colour: Black

Price: $300.00 CAD

  • All prices in Canadian funds.
  • Free shipping within Canada.

Government & Commercial Applications

Pest control for hydro projects, golf courses, resorts, parks and outdoor attractions

  • durable construction for a long, maintenance-free lifespan
  • recommended for bat population remediation and relocation projects
  • suitable for government and commercial pest control applications for large areas

The Motel

  • Capacity: 600 Bats
  • Chambers: 4
  • Size: 18.5″ x 41″ x 5 5/8″
    (  47cm x 104.1cm x 14cm )
  • Weight: 21.3kg  ( 47 lbs )
  • Colour:  Black

Price:  $400.00

  • All prices in Canadian funds.
  • Free shipping within Canada.

The Hotel

  • Capacity: 900 Bats
  • Chambers: 6
  • Size: Size: 18.5″ x 41″ x 7″
    ( 47cm x 104.1cm x 17.8cm )
  • Weight: 29.9kg  ( 66 lbs )
  • Colour:  Black

Price:  $500.00

  • All prices in Canadian funds.
  • Free shipping within Canada.

Limited Warranty

Canadian Bat Houses, Inc. (herein called “We”) warrants that the bat house (or “Product”) supplied to the buyer (herein called “You” or “Your”) is constructed from quality material and is free from defects.  Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations stated herein, “we” will repair or replace “your” bat house for a period of 20 years from the Date of Purchase.

Terms and Conditions

What is covered?

“We” will repair or replace your bat house if there is damage to the interior of the bat house due to wind and/or water leakage caused by the failure of the rubber membrane system subject to the terms and conditions of this warranty.

What is not covered?

We will not cover:

  • Damage to the rubber membrane or any other part of the bat house caused by mishandling of the product by you or an installer;
  • Damage to the rubber membrane or any other part of the bat house caused by improper installation by you or the installer;
  • The cedar shingles and grill are not covered by this warranty;
  • Damage caused by Acts of Nature.
Period of Coverage:
  • We will cover the entire bat house for a period of 1-Year against manufacturers’ defects.
  • We will cover the rubber membrane for a period of 20-Years subject to the terms, conditions and limitations stated herein.
What “We” will do to Correct the Problem

Canadian Bat Houses, Inc. will repair or replace the bat house.  You will be responsible for shipping the defective product to the address provided and for shipping the repaired or replaced product back to you.

Ho to Get Service Under Your Warranty

Contact Canadian Bat Houses, Inc. at 807.628.7625, or via e-mail:  warranty@canadianbathouses.com.  We will determine whether to repair or replace the product, provide a shipping address and provide proper packaging instructions.

For your convenience, you can register your warranty by filling out this form and returning it to us