4-Step Installation

Your new bat house comes with all the hardware required for installation.

For tools, you’ll need:

  • a hammer
  • a #8 Robertson screw-driver or cordless drill w/#8 Robertson bit
  • a safe way of getting up to your install location.

There are some things you should consider before installing your bat house.

1. Location

Bats are attracted to warm spaces, so hang your new bat house in a place where it will get as many hours of sun as possible. It should face south for best results. Hang the house as high as you safely can to keep your sleeping bats out of the reach of predators; the higher you can place it, the better.

Examples of good mounting surfaces:

  • the south side of a building, especially under eaves or gable ends
  • facing south on a brick chimney
  • on a pole (this option offers lots of options for placement)
  • in a tree that has been delimbed around the bat house
  • on the side of a metal-sided building
2. Timing

Bat houses are more likely to be used during their first summer if the bats arrive in the spring to find them already installed. The sooner you install your bat house, the sooner the bats will find it. If you are planning to evict bats from a building, install the bat house two to six weeks before you move them out.

4-Step Installation:

  1. Rotate the bracket on the back of the house into the upright position; secure it upright with three 3/4” screws into the back of the bat house.
  2. At your installation location, hammer the 3” nail into the spot where you will want to hang the house. Hang the house from the nail through the top hole in the bracket.
  3. Fasten two of the 3” screws through the two lower holes of the bracket into your mounting surface.
  4. Fasten the other two 3” screws through the landing pad into your mounting surface. Your bat house is ready for residents.