“I just wanted to advise you that having purchased your Bat House was the best thing ever! Last fall, we successfully allowed our winged friends to leave their roost and when they returned this spring, they found a wonderful bat house in which to accommodate themselves – and they sure did! Last night we counted 31 bats leave which we know is most likely only half the numbers of those actually now residing in there.

So thank you again so much for making this a wonderful experience for us and we look forward to many more nights of watching them fly out at dusk and watching them return at dawn.”

– Raffaella B, Dundas ON

“Thank you for the prompt delivery of our new Bat House. We are very impressed by its quality, sturdiness and design!”

– Manuela S, Rockwood ON

“This makes sense on a lot of levels. Combat pesky bugs, reduce the spread of West Nile virus and help restore the natural balance of things at the same time. I’m in!”

– Ken Boshcoff, MP Thunder Bay-Rainy River (past) 

“We mounted the Bat House under our eaves next to the bathroom window on the south exposure of our two-storey house so the Bat House is approx. 18 feet off the ground. It took about 6 weeks and then we noticed that one of our cats was spending his nights staring out the bathroom window and soon after we found some bat guano on the ground under the Bat House. They are great visitors. Their guano doesn’t smell and is easy to clean up. We see very little of them, and they disappeared around September. We’ll be looking for another Bat Bouse this year to mount near our barn to give the horses some relief from the bugs.”

– Kevin J.

“If anyone wants to know if these Bat Houses work, they can contact me. I have two and they work great.”

– Mary Long Irwin, President (past) – Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce

“I am shopping for a bat house and found your website on the Batcon website. Your homes are the best-looking ones, by far!”

– Clark R, USA

“Our Nursery Bat House arrived just as you promised… awesome service!”

– Judy C, Banff AB

“I purchased this Nursery bat house to relocate bats from an old depleted house to a safer environment. The transition went very smooth. Thank you CBH.”

– Ron Duplassie, White River, ON

We have a big problem with bats in our house.Population about 200 and growing. We have a two story dwelling along the Juniata river in Newport, PA, USA. We have read that bigger is better and my husband appreciates the details about the quality construction and guarantee of your houses. I like the looks of them. I have already placed your company in my list of favorites for future reference and and as we also have boarding kennels (dogs) at this location, we will not hesitate to recommend your company to our clients.”

– Viki Hufford, Newport, PA

“I was very skeptical when my wife bought it, now I’m a believer.”

– Rob H., Thunder Bay, ON (“Nursery”)

“I have ordered the Standard Bat House for a “technically challenged” friend, and will be sure to let him know of your very prompt service! He was so excited to have me order one online from your catalogue after looking at a few very complicated plans for building one!”

– Cathy C, Campbell River BC

“We are now using our deck more this year than we have in the past 12 years.”

– Francis H.,Thunder Bay, ON