Why Choose Our Bat House?

  • Quality Materials
  • Innovative Design & Construction
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty
  • NO Maintenance
  • All-Natural & Environmentally Friendly

The all-natural defense
against mosquitoes

The all-natural defense
against mosquitoes

1. Quality Material

Canadian Bat Houses, Inc. uses only quality material in constructing our bat houses, including 3/4″ plywood, Sealed Rubber Membrane Exterior and long-lasting cedar shingles.

2. Quality Construction

Canadian Bat Houses, Inc. products are built by professional, certified tradesmen. The rubber exterior is sealed under license ensuring the best quality in every bat house we sell.

3. Quality Warranty

Every bat house comes with a 20-year Limited Warranty.

4. Easy Installation

You’ll need simple tools only; your new bat houses includes all the hardware you’ll need for a basic install.

5. NO Maintenance!

The quality of our design ensures a durable, long lasting bat house with NO maintenance!

6. An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Purchasing a bat house ensures the well-being of nature’s best predator against flying pests – including mosquitoes that carry the West Nile Virus.

7. Bat Certified

Canadian Bat Houses, Inc. manufactures the only BCI Bat Certified bat house in Canada. Purchasing a Bat Certified bat house ensures that your house will be of high quality and ideal design for bats.  Learn more.

8.  Pay with confidence with PayPal

All of our transactions are protected by PayPal’s legendary security.